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This service is intended for English speakers residing in Japan.

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Japanese HENTAI girls collection | JHGC [Foreigner friendlyTokyo escort service]

About Us

Our service is for foreigners who are willing to play with Japanese women, especially a perfect match depending on the personal needs.
You can either choose from the vast list of girls who are waiting to play with foreigners on our website, or consult our concierge to get the personalized options depending on your desires.
This website gives you a guide to: how to play with the companions, how to use a love hotel, and other nightlife guides that will help your stay in Japan.

In Japan, there legal are sexual services which fulfills all kinds of kinks and sexual fetishes. However, those services were only exclusive to the locals, and we were not able to export the hentai culture outside of Japan.
Foreigners who visit Japan could not reach to the valuable information about sexual services, and those who tried ended up being scammed, such as asked for more money, photo scam of the companions, and dragged into various troubles.
Such troubles may ruin your trip, and we do not want that to happen.
Our goal is to have foreigners who visit Japan have the best out of it.
We have created this service hoping to make your experience in Japan one of the best, and end up liking Japan.
To make your journey the perfect experience, we are willing to share are knowledge of the industry and the vast network we have.
Please let us support you to create one of the best memories in Japan, as the Japanese heart of “Omotenashi”.

How to Use our Service

  • 01

    Check few of the Companions we can introduce at the Girls Collection page.

  • 02

    Contact us via phone call or SNS apps.
    (LINE, WhatsApp, or WeChat).
    We will ask you the desired date/time, and type of girl/service.

  • 03

    Once you fill in your Booking Request Form, your concierge will start looking for personalized selection of girls.
    Any other inquiries can be made through here as well.

  • 04

    Choose the companion you want to play with, from the list of selections chosen by your concierge.

  • 05

    After checking the final charge for your play, please fill in the Consent Form for Prohibited Matter before your booking is confirmed.

  • 06

    Once the booking is confirmed, your concierge will support you until you meet the companion you chose. Please wait until your companion arrives.

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