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Japanese HENTAI girls collection

Tokyo Nightlife Information

Escort shops introduction of HENTAI business style

There are four main business types.
A soap is a place where you can take a bath with a woman and have a free love affair.
Deriheru is an abbreviation for delivery health. You can invite a girl to your hotel. Includes non-penetrate-sex services. The content of the play differs depending on the woman, but you can enjoy orgasm in ways other than sex.
Hotel health is the same as delivery health, but you need to go to the hotel specified by the sex shop.
Onakura is performed in a room set up by a sex shop. A simple escort shop where girls in sexy clothes help you with your masturbation.
Nuru-massage [esthetic for men called] does not include ejaculation. A girl will massage your body and heal you.
There are four types of business types above, but there are many stores because each has special play contents and store concepts. You will definitely find the perfect woman for you. She is waiting for you in Japan!