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Japanese HENTAI girls collection

Tokyo Nightlife Information

  • Date Spot in Shibuya! The Planetarium

    The lights in Tokyo shine through the night, so starry skies are hard to see. However, Japanese girls which means…more

  • Why do Japanese say “Iku” During Orgasm?

    In English, orgasm is referred to as “cumming” whereas in Japanese, we say “Iku (イク)”…more

  • Interview Series: First Time Sleeping w/ a Japanese Girl

    Mr. K from Thailand “I was lost in Japan once and had to ask for help, but if I were to ask, I wanted it to be a cute …more

  • The Traditional Electronic District in Akihabara

    The neighbor of the Akihabara station is known as an electronic district, and is also called by …more

  • Owl Cafe in Akihabara: “Akiba Fukurou”

    Close to the Akihabara station, “Akiba Fukurou” has been ranked one of the most popular …more

  • Japanese Stereotype: Don’t Date the “3B”

    In Japan, there is a saying, “Don’t date the 3Bs”, but what exactly are 3Bs? The “3B” is a …more

  • Try it Out! Hit on Girls at a Pub!

    We have been posting some “how to’s” for hitting on Japanese girls, so why not take it to …more

  • How to Know if She’s Down for You

    Do Japanese girls have an “ok” sign for having sex? Clothes, make-ups, and hairstyle… …more

  • “Omochikaeri”: A Japanese Strategy Game!

    “Omochikaeri” is a term used for bringing a woman (or man) to your house or a hotel for the…more

  • Type of Men Japanese Girls Like

    A while ago, we introduced some places to hit on girls, but do you know the type of men …more

  • Shibuya-Yokocho

    A little walk from the Shibuya station, there lies a food court like restaurant where cuisines …more

  • How to Withdraw Cash in Japan

    Typically, Japanese prostitutes are only allowed to pay in cash, but no worries! There is a…more

  • Yoyogi Park ~A Park with Lots of Events~

    A little off from Shibuya, there lies Yoyogi Park with a massive area!…more

  • The Japanese Exclusive Genre “Hentai”

    Did you know that the word “Hentai” differs in meaning between English and Japanese?…more

  • The “All You Can Drink” in Japan

    In Japan, there's an “all you can drink” system typically called “Nomihoudai” in some…more

  • Traits that Make You Liked by the Escort girls.

    When engaging in adult Service, compatibility with the service provider is vital, but…more

  • Experience the Festivities in Japan!

    It's festival season nationwide, and women donning beautiful kimonos and yukatas add a…more

  • Shibuya Scramble Crossing

    A Must-Visit for Foreign Tourists in Japan! This iconic spot in Shibuya captures the hearts of …more

  • Perfect Date Spot!

    Discover Blue Bird Italian Resturant in Shibuya.
    This exclusively cozy couple seats for you…more

  • Calling all vegetarians!

    Check out this fantastic spot in Tokyo: 農家の台所 (Nouka no Daidokoro) . They serve dishes …more

  • Japanese summer It's all about the haunted houses!

    Feeling the heat? Japan's humid summers are often considered 'tougher' by foreigners. So,…more


    Do you know the story of Hachiko? This loyal dog is famous for waiting for his deceased…more

  • Shibuya Love hotel area

    Looking for love hotels in Shibuya? The most concentrated area is just a short walk from…more

  • ‘SHIBUYA SKY’ dating spot in Shibuya!

    Elevate your experience at 'Shibuya Scramble Square' - a skyscraper directly connected to…more

  • Shibuya Dotonbori Theater

    In Shibuya, there's a historic strip theater midway up Hyakkendana Hill, open daily with…more

  • Shibuya Hyakkendana no mon

    Leaving Shibuya Station through the Hachiko exit, and heading up Dogenzaka Hill, you'll…more

  • Affordable and Convenient Sports & Leisure Facilities

    When you're visiting as a tourist, don't you sometimes feel like engaging in some physical …more

  • How to meet Adult Video Actresses

    In recent years, many women have been appearing in adult videos (AV) in Japan. These …more

  • Gambling in Japan: Public Racing Tracks

    Did you know that gambling exists in Japan? The types of gambling officially recognized in …more

  • Options in Adult Entertainment Services

    In the adult entertainment industry, there are "options" available. These are additional paid …more

  • Japan's Climate and Points to Note

    Currently, Japan is experiencing summer! It used to be said that there is a temperature…more

  • What is "Erotic massage" called in Japanese?

    In Japan, Erotic massage is known as "Mens Esthe" and is often abbreviated as "Men-esu."…more

  • SM Bar Amarcord, Tokyo.

    Amarcord Tokyo" is one of Japan's leading BDSM bars located right after exiting Shinjuku …more

  • Akihabara ‘Love Merci’

    Located in Akihabara, the holy land of anime, you'll find Love Merci, one of Japan's largest …more

  • Nakano, the mecca of subculture in Japan!

    Nakano, where Soft On Demand is located, is known as the "Mecca of Subculture." The…more

  • Japanese women's under hair situation.

    It's common for women, especially the younger generation, to opt for hair removal. This is…more

  • Brand name - womanizer

    Originating from Germany, adult toys designed for women's self-pleasure provide precise…more

  • Young Japanese girls favorit!

    Craving a delightful treat in Shinjuku, the dessert paradise? Look no further than the popular …more

  • Outcall service ‘Deliheru’

    Each adult establishment in Japan has its own set of rules and regulations. It's important to …more

  • Toilets in train stations.

    In Japan, trains are the primary mode of transportation, and you're likely to hop on one …more

  • Delightful izakayas!

    Experience a unique dining concept in Japan! At certain establishments, you can enjoy …more

  • Ninja Trick House

    Step into the realm of ninjas at the NINJA Information Centre Osaka! Nestled on the 8th floor …more

  • How to well-liked by the Japanese escort girls.

    Communication knows no language barriers! Even if you don't speak Japanese or she …more

  • World of '100 yen shop

    The '100 yen coin' holds the key to these stores where most items are available for just one …more

  • Popular ice-cream in Japan

    Beat the heat with these popular ice-cream bars from convenience stores! Indulge in the …more

  • Japanese gourmet 'Yakitori'

    Yakitori is grilled chicken skewers, a beloved dish in Japan with dedicated specialty …more

  • Anime ‘SPY&FAMILY’

    Last year, a manga turned anime series took the world by storm! With its global popularity, it …more

  • Coed hot springs

    The unique culture of communal bathing where same-sex individuals enjoy bathing together …more

  • Hentai Adventure with your Partner!

    Discover Japan's unique adult entertainment venue! engage in stimulating conversations, …more

  • Is it easy to get laid in Japan?

    Debunking stereotypes: Japanese women and their sexuality. Let's clarify the misconception …more

  • How to use JHGC

    Booking made easy! Our dedicated hentai assistants complete support for your desires. …more

  • The escort’s photo diary

    Dive into fascinating world of Uniquely Japanese escort photo diaries! 'Hime-log' unveils the …more

  • Standard izakaya chain "Torikizoku"

    Discover Torikizoku, a beloved izakaya chain in Japan! With reasonable prices, it's a go-to …more

  • 'Toyoko Kids' - Japan's social problem hidden in Kabukicho

    The 'To-Yoko Kids' of Kabukicho! To-Yoko refers to the area around TOHO Cinemas, where …more

  • Genre of Japanese Girls “jirai-kei” (Jirai: Landmine)

    Discover 'jirai-kei' - a Japanese slang term for girls with explosive personalities! Handle with …more

  • How to stay safe in Kabukicho

    While Western visitors may feel safe, it's important to stay vigilant in this renowned entertainment …more

  • Japanese Ramen ‘Kyūshū rāmen Hakata-kko’

    Discover hidden gems of Japanese cuisine! Kyushu Ramen Hakata-kko in Kabukicho is a must-visit …more

  • Japanese Onsen sanctuary ‘Thermae-Yu’

    Thermae-Yu in Kabukicho is a 24-hour onsen sanctuary! Unwind in hot springs, saunas, and …more

  • Shin-Okubo Korean Town

    Shin-Okubo is Tokyo's biggest Korean hub! It's packed with Korean restaurants, shops …more

  • Kabukicho striptease theater

    "NEWART" in Kabukicho is a renowned strip theater that's a must-visit! Here, you can …more

  • Best time to go to Kabukicho

    For those looking to experience the vibrant nightlife in Kabukicho, this guide is for you!…more

  • Contemporary art goods using Ukiyo-e

    「目覚めの一瞬前.」(A Moment Before Awakening) is a contemporary art collection that infuses ukiyo-e…more

  • Shinjuku 2-Chome Bars② lesbian bars

    Discover lesbian bars in Shinjuku Ni-Chome in this article! Here are the types of lesbian bars…more

  • Shinjuku 2-Chome Bars (1) The Gay bars

    In Shinjuku Nichome, a district known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community, there exist certain…more

  • Shinjuku area for LGBT people.

    Did you know Tokyo hosts one of Asia's most vibrant LGBT hubs? ShinjukuNichome, it is…more

  • Kabukichō gōruden-gai.

    Discover the hidden charm of #GoldenGai in Kabukicho, a hotspot teeming with international…more

  • Kabukicho a must try lovehotel.

    Experience the vibrant vibes at HotelColorful P&A in Kabukicho! Each room bursts with…more

  • Club WARP in Kabukicho.

    Music enthusiasts, take note! WARP SHINJUKU in Kabukicho is a must-visit nightclub.…more

  • Recommended Ramen in Kabukicho

    Looking for JapaneseRamen ? Don't miss out on the delectable 'Niwatori Hakyu' at MITABA…more

  • Yakinkiku at Kabukicho!

    From budget-friendly to upscale restaurants! On the hunt for #Yakiniku in kabukicho? Try to …more

  • Advice on traveling to Japan in June.

    Early summer in Japan means it's rainy season, so don't forget your umbrella when stepping…more

  • Godzilla is in Kabukicho!?

    Ever dreamt of seeing Godzilla up close? Kabukicho, one of Asia's largest shopping streets, …more

  • Escape to Bali Without Leaving Japan: Discover Love Hotel Balian.

    Experience Bali right in the heart of Japan! Dive into the exotic ambiance of Balian, a love…more

  • Discover Robot Deriheru for Foreigs.

    Navigating the language barrier can be challenging when engaging with Japanese women.…more

  • Why Foreigners Fail on Picking Up Japanese girls??

    Ever wondered what Japanese women think of foreign men? Is striking up a conversation…more

  • Hotspots in Downtown Japan for Foreigners!

    Curious about the vibrant nightlife in Japan's city centers? While gambling and casinos may…more

  • Introducing the Ultimate Pro GACHAPONs!

    In my previous post, I shared about regular GACHAPONs, but today I'm revealing three …more

  • Day 33: Do you know GACHAPON?

    GACHAPON toys in Japan are everywhere! The capsules pop out with a "pon" sound! You…more

  • Famous sex car with Magic Mirror, Majiku Mira Go!

    Introducing the famous s*x car with Magic Mirror A.K.A Majiku Mira Go in Japan! This unique…more

  • Japan Unique Option, Golden Shower

    Discover an intriguing option in certain establishments: Golden Shower. Japanese …more

  • Option Onahole

    Explore Japan's renowned male pleasure tools - masturbators! TENGA, the popular…more

  • Japanese Escort Options

    Japanese escort service offers extra options for an extra fee, with a range of extra options …more

  • Japan's hottest spots right now!

    The latest hotspot in Japan - TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER! This magnificent skyscraper …more

  • luxury Love hotels recommendation for foreigners coming in Japan.

    The Gran Sky luxury hotel in Kinshicho, Tokyo! Just a 5-minute walk from JR Kinshicho…more

  • Unusual condom in Japan

    Larger size condom in Japan? Check out OKAMOTO's MAGA BIG BOY size XL! This…more

  • Top 3 Japanese condom brand recommendation

    If you're planning on experiencing Japan's exciting nightlife scene, make sure to buy one of…more

  • Recommend Escort shops for overseas customers

    If you're visiting Tokyo and looking for adult shops, we recommend Outcall service.…more

  • Pro level way to enjoy Hentai life in Japan

    In Japan, there are "sex a.k.a Hentai professionals" who work in the sex industry!…more

  • Three best ways to enjoy Hentai life in Japan

    Looking for some spicy fun? Japan's sex industry has got you covered! With a wide range of …more

  • For Couples looking for fun②

    At the previously mentioned hotel Alphain, The queens and dogs A.K.A your Bottom Partner…more

  • For Couples looking for fun ①

    Have you heard of ALPHAIN hotel in Roppongi? This love hotel specializes in BDSM and is…more

  • Unique BDSM store in Japan

    If you're looking for a BDSM store in Japan, you'll find that there are only a few specialty…more

  • Wild One

    Shibuya has some hidden gems that many foreign visitors miss! Past the famous Scramble…more

  • Introduction of Japanese SEX toys.

    Japan offers a wide variety of Sex toy products, including the electric massager known as…more

  • Transparent wall toilet?

    「The Tokyo Toilet」Architect Shigeru Ban designed a unique public toilet in Shibuya. The…more

  • Unique Toilet or Anti Public SEX Toilet?

    Renowned Japanese architects designed 17 modern public toilets in Shibuya Ward to dispel…more

  • Japanese anime culture and cosplay

    Get ready to dive into the world of Japanese anime culture and cosplay! Akihabara is the…more

  • Where can I buy condoms in Japan?

    Wondering where to buy condoms in Japan? Look no further! You can find them easily at…more

  • Unique hotels in Japan

    Japan's hotels are known for their unique concepts, like the popular SARA Kinshicho! Enjoy…more

  • Japanese nightlife terminology

    Did you know about "Yarimoku"? It's a Japanese term for "sexual intercourse"! Japanese…more

  • Japanese tentacle sex

    Japanese art has a long history of depicting unconventional sexual themes, like the famous…more

  • Matsuba kuzushi

    MatsubaKuzushi is a move that involves crossing the legs in a V-shape, resembling the way…more

  • Variety of sex positions in Japan

    Check out these 48 unique sex positions known as "48 moves" from Japanese "Shunga" art …more

  • Introduction to Japanese sex service industry etiquette

    This section introduces manners when using Japanese sex services in Japan.…more

  • Escort shops introduction of HENTAI business style

    There are four main business types.A soap is a place where you can…more

  • Introduction to various Japanese Redlight districts②

    Greetings from Shibuya, Tokyo! This iconic cultural hub is brimming with energy, especially …more

  • Introduction to various Japanese Redlight districts①

    Exploring Japan's Redlight Districts: Kabukicho, Shinjuku…more

  • History of sex services

    Exploring Tokyo's Unique Sexual Services - A Journey into Japan's Rich Erotic Culture!…more

  • Introduction to Fuzoku (the sex industry)

    Discover the World of Fuzoku in Japan! Did you know that in Japan, t…more

  • Greetings

    Welcome to Japanese Hentai Girl's Collection! …more