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Japanese HENTAI girls collection

Tokyo Nightlife Information

Japanese Escort Options

Japanese escort service offers extra options for an extra fee, with a range of extra options designed by HENTAIi Japan.

1. Cosplay
Experience diverse cosplay options from schoolgirl uniforms to swimwear, police officers, and nurses, select the cosplay to fulfill your desires. Shops do offer to bring your own cosplay for girls to wear.

2. Take Home Panty
Unlock a unique souvenir! Take Home Panty of the girl she wore during the play. It's yours to keep, and the rest is up to your imagination! #TakeHomePanty

3. Embrace the thrill of seduction in Japanese Escorts!
Experience the daring option of your girl walking to a hotel without Panty. When she meets you, she is ready to go! Availability may vary by girl so make sure to check the options!