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This service is intended for English speakers residing in Japan.

Business hours
10:00 - 24:00 (JST)

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Drink, party, and play sexy games with Kimono Call Girls!
You can call them to your hotel, restaurant, or anywhere with a private room!
Have fun with them 1on1, or with a group to experience the new style of Geisha
They will surely spice up your drinking to the next level!


How to play

Contact your concierge and book for a companion(s).
Please choose whether to party in a group, or 1on1

You will be filling in a form to tell us your name, preference, etc.
If you have any additional games you want to add on to the plan, please tell your concierge.

When the girl arrives, please pay the total price confirmed by your concierge.
Please enjoy your party!




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Service Flow

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please contact us via LINE app.
Contacting at least a week ahead of your time is recommended.

Inquire with your Concierge

Inquire with your Concierge

We will send you the options of companions to choose from, depending on the date and your preferences.

On the Booking Date

On the Booking Date

The companion(s) you booked for will arrive at the booked place/time.
Please enjoy your party!

Terms and Conditions

●NEO GEISHA girls can be called to hotel rooms, airbnb, or privately rented restaurants.

●For Private Party (1on1), customers need to be alone. If any other person(s) is found, the play immediately stops and you will be charged the fee for 1 hour.

●Payments can be made through cash only.

●If anything is forced to the companions, the play immediately stops.


Q. Can I pay with credit cards?
A. As of now, you can only pay by cash.
●Can I date the girls before partying?
 ○Yes, you can go on a date with the girls before partying. Basic fee (hourly fees) will be charged during the date, and you will have to pay for any charge that may happen during the date.
●I don’t speak Japanese, is that fine?
 ○Yes! You can communicate with the NEO GEISHA Girls via   translating app, and still have a blast partying with them!